Bill Fisher, PhD

RSM is privileged to have Bill Fisher write our columns, newsletters, economic updates and marketing tips. In addition to these obvious talents, Bill is also an accomplished musician, song-writer, singer and writer of fiction. We are delighted to showcase another facet of this very gifted, humorous & loving man.

Bill, also known as the "Wrapman," entered the real estate profession in 1976, and was soon taking 70-80% of the listings in his chosen "farm" area in San Juan Capistrano due to his extraordinary marketing techniques. Soon, other real estate professionals were asking him to produce marketing newsletters for them as well. In 1981, the owner of a 25-desk office, Bill jumped into the creation of marketing materials full-time.

All of our materials are researched and written by Bill Fisher since 1986. Bill brings to the task a passion for research and writing (which earned him a Ph.D. in English), personal experience of the real estate profession (he was broker-owner of a real estate company in San Juan Capistrano in the early 1980s), and an uncanny ability to make the complex understandable and to find humor wherever it exists. He has written a greatly-admired newsletter for the real estate industry, the Wednesday Wrap (formerly distributed by title insurance representatives), and has provided seminars for the industry in real estate financing and personal marketing matters.

With a Ph.D. degree in English, a background in marketing and journalism and teaching, Bill has led seminars on real estate financing, and has long been known for his industry newsletter. Bill's expertise in real estate matters -- particularly real estate financing and the movement of interest rates -- and his noted sense of humor have created a loyal following of thousands of readers. His time is taken up learning about step parenting, writing (he's working on his first novel) and singing, playing guitar and songwriting with Robyn.