“I got another call just the other day from a client who said: ‘We don’t read any of the newsletters sent to us EXCEPT YOURS (California Real Estate Matters). We really like it.”
Leslie Smith-McTaggart
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“The column (Custom Column Service) works very well for me. People I don’t know (yet!) frequently recognize me who have read my column in the paper. Just the other day two people approached me in the grocery store and said, ‘Aren’t you the guy in the paper who writes about real estate?”
Paul Hashida
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“The year I started doing the Lender Letter and the eWeekly Economic Update, my business DOUBLED. Thank you for your excellent products and service.”
Steve Peterson
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“I get a great response from your newsletter (Real Estate Report). After mailing to total strangers six or seven times, they often call me to tell me how well-written and informative they think it is. The newsletter has more than paid for itself. It is the only thing I’ve used that works! It’s awesome!”
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Steven Carlin
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“Your newsletter (Lender Letter) has been very well received by my clients. After mailing out my first issue, I received complimentary phone calls from a number of people and got two new loans! I appreciate your providing me with such a professional product!”
Nancy Simon
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“People love my newsletter (Lender Letter). I can’t tell you the number of times people call me and compliment me on it. They think it’s awesome! I‘ve gotten lots of business from it.”
Chris Kostoff
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Robert Geiler
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“I will also take this opportunity to tell you how much I love the newsletter (Lender Letter) and how happy I am with the product as well as the results. Business has slowed quite a bit for me as I took a lot of time off with my newborn daughter, Ava. Each time I mail the newsletter though, I always get a loan. About six months ago, someone called me that I hadn’t talked to in almost 15 years! How great is that?”
Suzette Lipscomb
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“I just wanted to thank you and the staff at Right Side Marketing for one of the best marketing products available for Realtors® like myself. The Real Estate Report has been a tremendous tool for me. As an example, one of my best sources of income in the early 1990’s moved out of state. Last week, after not hearing from him in over a decade, I get an email from him, thanking me for keeping him on my mailing list and that he enjoys reading my newsletter. Additionally, I have had clients and friends call me, after years of little contact, as a direct result of my newsletter program and the professionalized content within it.”
Harold Hartmann
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Jason Kirby
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“My client base is built on and by the support of my (Lender Letter), which is reflective of my own views and represents me well. I’ve used Right Side Marketing’s newsletter for 10 years and was a fan of Bill Fisher’s writing before that.”
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Kari Walker
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Marc Preger
Ark Mortgage
Hi Sandy! Just a quick note to let you know that we value your ‘Mortgage Matters’ (Lender Letter) newsletter. All business, no kitchen recipes…thank goodness!...and informative.”
An appreciative client of Sandy Hermann
TTT Financial-Avalon Mortgage Corp.
“I get a dozen or more calls directly from each mailing of my newsletter (Lender Letter). You may use me as a testimonial at any time!”
Janet Patzer
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