You are a real estate or mortgage professional. You’ve invested time, energy and money into developing your knowledge and abilities. You realize that you also need to invest time, energy and money into making potential clients aware that you are the professional they should call on when they need help with a real estate transaction. As a professional, you also seek the best and most efficient use of your time, energy and money. You can’t take time away from your business every month to research, write and format a newsletter, then coordinate its printing. But you can’t compromise on the quality of your personal marketing program, either.

We have developed marketing tools that are easy to use and that are extremely cost-efficient-especially when you factor in the amount of business they bring you. Our tools have been built on several proven principles:

  • In order to demonstrate to potential clients the fact that you are knowledgeable and personable, and that you provide the best possible service, your marketing tools must themselves provide the best possible service, contributing knowledgeable, valuable information that your clients will appreciate and profit from, and doing so in friendly, easily-digestible prose.
  • In order to reflect the caliber of your professionalism, your marketing materials must be well-designed, both pleasing to the eye and effective at capturing the interest of the person receiving them. Our marketing tools have been designed with the most sophisticated techniques available-always first-class, but never intruding on the fact that we want your clients and potential clients to feel that your materials come from you, not from some distant PR firm.
  • Because effective marketing is always consistent, yet often spread over an array of marketing tools (from newsletters to newspaper columns to weekly faxes or emails to updates on a website), we have designed materials that will arrive on time and will relate to each other in ways that reinforce the impression you are making on clients and potential clients. Someone who sees your weekly newspaper column will recognize that it’s from the same person who sends out a monthly newsletter, for example.

Rand and Jill Fleischman, owners, have been in this business since 1985, beginning with a weekly newspaper column service that supported our primary clients (real estate brokers,) in becoming better known in their communities as the local expert in real estate matters. In 1986, we added a monthly personalized newsletter service which has come to be known as the California Real Estate Matters. Designed specifically for California real estate agents, this newsletter gives our clients exactly what they want and need...a timely, well-written, well-researched, sophisticated newsletter. We also developed a custom back-page, on which clients can add information specific to their own target market’s interests, further localizing and personalizing this newsletter.