• Because effective marketing is always consistent, yet often spread over an array of marketing tools (from newsletters to newspaper columns to weekly faxes or emails to updates on a website), we have designed materials that will arrive on time and will relate to each other in ways that reinforce the impression you are making on clients and potential clients. Someone who sees your weekly newspaper column will recognize that it’s from the same person who sends out a monthly newsletter, for example.

We have been in this business since 1985, beginning with a weekly newspaper column service that supported our clients-real estate brokers, for the most part-in becoming better known in their communities as the local expert in real estate matters. In 1986, we launched a monthly personalized newsletter service which has come to be known as the California Real Estate Matters. Designed specifically for California real estate agents, this newsletter gave our clients exactly what they wanted and needed...a timely, well-written, well-researched, sophisticated newsletter. We also developed the back-page bulletin board, on which clients can add information specific to their own target market’s interests, creating an even deeper connection between you and your potential clients.

In 1996, we added two more personalized monthly newsletters to our family of marketing tools-the Real Estate Report, a nationally-oriented, highly sophisticated letter designed to meet the needs of real estate professionals with a very knowledgeable clientele, and the Lender Letter, designed for mortgage professionals (and title officers as well) to send both to their target market among the public and to peers in the business, especially real estate professionals.

We have always provided Custom Advertising and Marketing Services to a wide variety of industries, responding with new products and programs to the special needs and wishes of our clients. Thus, when our real estate and mortgage clients sought a weekly economic update that could be sent (faxed or emailed) to clients and/or posted to their website, we developed the eWeekly Economic Update which provides a succinct view of the most important economic developments of the week and a brief, easily-digested, real-estate-related analysis of one of the most important topics or economic news events of the week. In addition we now have a monthly email newsletter called eReal Estate Matters providing a Question-and-Answer portion that delves into a matter that is important to those who may be buying or selling or simply increasing their enjoyment of a home.

All of these materials have been researched and written by Bill Fisher since 1986. Bill brings to the task a passion for research and writing (which earned him a Ph.D. in English), personal experience of the real estate profession (he was broker-owner of a real estate company in San Juan Capistrano in the early 1980s), and an uncanny ability to make the complex understandable and to find humor wherever it exists. He has written a greatly-admired newsletter for the real estate industry, the Wednesday Wrap (distributed by title insurance representatives), for over twenty years, and has provided seminars for the industry in real estate financing and personal marketing matters.