Though sophisticated, this letter is more appropriate for a general audience of knowledgeable homeowners living in California.

The carefully-researched information in this letter relates specifically to people living in the Golden State, and will include changes in California laws and tax code as relates to real estate. Also important-the letter is fun to read, with a monthly cartoon and a curiosity file of remarkable and often humorous facts. The CA Real Estate Matters is:

Personalized for each professional using the letter, with title, by-line and photo, along with company name, address and phone numbers.

Formatted with a back page “bulletin board” which clients may use, at their option, to add information that is of specific interest and value to the target market that will receive the newsletter.

Printed on high-quality felt paper for an elegant feel, with the most readable typeface on a proven, effective layout design.

Available only in California.

Download 1, 2, and 4 Color Samples
CA REM | 1 Color black
CA REM | 2 Color blue green yellow red
CA REM | 4 Color blue