The Real Estate Report was first developed in 1987 by our writer, Bill Fisher. The letter was designed in response to requests from clients for a letter that is national in scope and that provides information at a highly sophisticated level, suitable to high-income, greatly-experienced clients and potential clients and to real estate investors. This monthly newsletter is...

Personalized and designed to look like you created it specifically for your clients and potential clients.

Aimed specifically at the interests and concerns of high-caliber clients.

Filled with real estate and financial insights, along with practical assistance with changes in tax law and other timely real-estate-focused matters.

Created with a back-page customization feature, allowing you to design your own message or ad copy for the back page (with our assistance, of course).

Hailed by sales trainers as one of the very best personal marketing newsletters now available.

Download 1, 2, and 4 Color Samples
RER | 1 Color black
RER | 2 Color blue green yellow red
RER | 4 Color blue