Originally developed in response to the requests of clients for a weekly economic update for their websites, the eWEU is now used for a variety of purposes. Clients do tend to post the eWEU on their websites, but they also fax or email a copy of the one-page letter to a list of clients and potential clients each week. Many bring copies of their economic update to weekly meetings in real estate offices and elsewhere. Thus, the eWEU has come to answer a good many needs-often for each client-with one product. The WEU is:

A quick, easy but literate read, never exceeding one page in length.

A summary of the week’s most important economic indicators (from a real estate point of view).

A relatively brief analysis of a pertinent economic event or topic from the prior week.

As timely as an information source can be-written and emailed to you every Tuesday evening, or if you would like us to handle your email distribution.

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