Many of our clients have asked us to research and develop a simple, eye-catching letter to send their clients and prospective clients via email, often requesting that we provide a letter that can be read and enjoyed at one quick sitting. Our new monthly email letter, the eReal Estate Matters is the answer to those requests.

The centerpiece of this full-color letter is a Question-and-Answer portion that delves into a matter that is important to those who may be buying or selling or simply increasing their enjoyment of a home. On a lighter note, we have a section that surveys some of the events that relate to the month the letter is sent--a look at a few myths and realities not often clarified regarding George Washington, for example, in the February letter. And we look, as well, at other famous events during the month.

An enjoyable conversation-starter, the newsletter will keep your name and face and phone numbers in front of your clients, and have them quoting it to friends. It will also raise questions that will motivate your clients and potential clients to call.

And it is probably the easiest to operate marketing program we've ever offered. We are providing an optional email service that automatically sends your EREM each month to your database. (Please see pricing on order form.) The service also lets you know how many of your emails were opened each month.

And the eREM also works extremely well in conjunction with a print newsletter--the Real Estate Report, for example, or the California Real Estate Matters for California clients--and our new pricing structure allows you to create precisely the mixture of email materials with print materials and to stay well within your marketing budget. The combination of print and email maximizes the effectiveness of both marketing pieces.

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